Rod Edwards’ interest in photography started from the very first moment that he pressed the shutter on his Polaroid Button instant camera. The magic that developed has never stopped.

After a brief spell of working for the family insurance business, he soon learned that his creative visions were slowly being stifled and decided to leave the safety of an office job to pursue a more exciting and bohemian career in photography.

Initially starting work as a landscape photographer, waiting for the perfect light and contemplating composition and design, he soon realised that his patience was more than just a virtue, and that his talents could also be successfully turned towards portraiture and people photography.

After spending several years working with traditional film and silver halide materials in a black and white darkroom, he carefully learned the creative techniques that had been used by the old photographic masters since the very dawn of photography. Working in near darkness, finger deep in developers and toning chemicals, he became proficient in a craft that sadly now seems to be fading away into obscurity.

With the advent of digital photography in the late 1990s, he purchased his first Apple Macintosh computer and soon became interested in digital imagery and manipulation in Adobe Photoshop 4. Always at the forefront of technology and digital imaging, he was one of the UK’s first photographers to work digitally and he created his first website back in the year 2000, when computers were still beige and most photographers didn't even know what a website was.

Over the last five years, he has also become involved in the exciting and fast developing area of 360 degree full screen interactive panoramas, cinemagraphs and high definition video (HD 1080p). This has given him the ability to produce high quality interactive and moving imagery for the web as well as for the more traditional printed page.

This expert knowledge and experience has since earned him an enviable reputation and respect as one of the UK’s leading landscape, people and 360 degree interactive imagery photographers. His multi-award winning work has received high critical acclaim and is sold, seen and exhibited around the world through international clients, agencies and publications.