Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full screen 360 degree interactive panorama ?

A full screen, 360 degree, interactive panoramas allows the viewer to explore a location in a way that has previously been impossible. A traditional photograph is limited to just two dimensions and a narrow field of view, but a 360 degree interactive panorama shows a complete and interactive 360 degree view. They are the perfect way to market your location online. With the option of a real location audio recording, you will also be able to supply your viewers with an unparalleled virtual experience that really comes close to actually being there in person.

What is a virtual tour ?

A virtual tour is a collection of 360 degree interactive panoramas that have been linked together to form a tour. They are often linked using 'hotspots', which allow the viewer to be redirected to the next location in the tour.

What type of company would benefit from an interactive panorama or virtual tour ?

Any company with a website that wishes to market it’s location in a new and exciting way will benefit from this type of interactive imagery. This includes tourist boards, hotels and accommodation, stately homes, property developers and more …

How long does it take to produce this type of imagery ?

Once on location, each high resolution panorama can take around one hour of on site capture time. The actual post processing work on the computer then takes several hours of intensive retouching time to generate a full 360 degree interactive panorama that is optimised for the web and ready to go online.

What exactly does HDR mean ?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a cutting edge photographic process that enables the capture of extreme highlight and shadow detail in your images. HDR techniques guarantee the absolute best quality imagery and enables you to show your location as the eye would see it, rather than within the limited contrast range of the digital camera sensor. Rod Edwards specialises in high dynamic range panoramas and virtual tours, producing images that are unsurpassed in quality, resolution, colour depth and detail.

Are your 360 interactive panoramas and virtual tours able to be viewed by anyone with a computer ?

Put simply - Yes! Rod Edwards's virtual tours are generated in the latest HTML5 format, with an Adobe Flash fallback for those people whose browsers do not support HTML5 technology. This will enable everyone to easily view the tours without the hassle of extra plug-ins and software downloads. Rod Edwards's interactive imagery is also fully compatible with mobile devices including Apple iDevices and Android.

Why use Rod Edwards instead of another mainstream virtual tour provider ?

High quality, high definition, full screen HDR interactive images are not easy to produce, and they demand a great deal of photographic skill and knowledge to obtain the best results. Unlike other virtual tour providers, Rod Edwards is a specialist in this area of imaging. With over twenty years experience as a professional location photographer, you can be assured that his imagery will be of the highest quality and always better than the competition.

How much does this type of interactive imagery cost ?

This is very much dependent upon what you actually want. Each tour can be tailored to your specific requirements and it’s therefore very difficult to give a quick figure. As with most purchases, you very much get what you pay for. For full pricing and details, please contact Rod Edwards to discuss your company requirements.

Are you also able to shoot HDR domes for use in CGI projects ?

Yes, Rod Edwards uses the highest quality photographic equipment to generate spherical HDR domes for reflection and illumination. Please contact him for more information and to discuss your specific project.